Double Glazing Prices & Cost

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How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

How much should you pay for double glazing?.

What Should You Pay?

So you want to replace your windows and you need an idea of cost. Unfortunately, this kind of information is not always readily available. You will usually have to give up your contact details to get an estimate, and even then, it's unclear where these prices come from, and whether they reflect reality. Good pricing information can be difficult to come by, so let's see if we can help.

..but why not just get some quotes?

Getting Quotations

Logic suggests that getting a few quotes from a few double glazing firms would give you the best idea of price. You can't get more accurate than this. Keep in mind, though, that you will be dealing with individuals who are predominantly sales-oriented, so proceed with caution:

We've found that window salespeople frequently quote a higher price to begin with, which they drop over the course of their sales visit. The price you're quoted could drop by 75%, or over £10,000, during a sales pitch. Be wary of a company using these sorts of tactics, or anyone who asks for a large deposit upfront.

Please read The Ultimate Quotation Guide to get an inside look at the sales tactics often used at the quotation stage.

The cost of your double glazing will also vary substantially depending on whether you use a national or local company. Generally speaking, windows from national companies will be much more expensive than windows from your local glazing firm. You may even find that the quality of window installed by your local glazing firm is better! So should you go local or national?

According to the most recent survey by the consumer action group Which? independent installers fare better than their national counterparts when it comes to customer satisfaction and value for money. In other words, you will be better off going local, on average.

Okay, Great! So How Much Should I Pay?

The price of double glazing survey.

The tables below shows how much you should expect to pay for various double glazing jobs, from different sizes of sash and casement windows to replacing all the windows in a house. This data was collected by the consumer action group Which?. You will need to subscribe to access the most recent information.

Casement uPVC windows cost
Size (mm) Price
600 ✕ 900 £260 - £330
600 ✕ 900 £280 - £360
1200 ✕ 1200 £350 - £420
1200 ✕ 1800 £500 - £590
Small Terraced house (6 Windows) £2,100 - £2,480
Semi-detached house (8 windows) £3,100 - £3,540
Large detached house (12 Windows) £4,390 - £5,600

Sash uPVC windows cost
Size (mm) Price
600 ✕ 900 £490 - £710
1200 ✕ 1200 £570 - £900
1100 ✕ 1300 £610 - £910
1000 ✕ 1500 £710 - £960
Small terraced house (6 Windows) £3,500 - £5,080
Semi-detached house (10 windows) £4,760 - £7,250
Large detached house (17 Windows) £7,550 - £11,970

uPVC door cost
Size (mm) Price
900 ✕ 2100 £880 - £1,130

Typical Prices - The price range shown for each scenario covers the middle 50% of prices collected from 15 Which? Local traders in 2012. The quoted prices are final (including all discounts) for standard white uPVC frames with B-rated glass and include materials, labour, removal and disposal of existing windows, internal and external ‘making good’, VAT and incidentals.

House sizes - The examples are based on the following number of windows and sizes (mm): Casement windows – Small terraced house – 600✕900 (✕1), 900✕1200 (✕1), 1200✕1200 (✕4); Semi-detached house – 900✕1200 (✕2), 1200✕1200 (✕4), 1800✕1200 (✕2); Large detached house – 900✕1200 (✕2), 1200✕1200 (✕5), 1800✕1200 (✕5). Sash windows – Small terraced house 600✕900 (✕1), 900✕1200 (✕1), 1200✕1200 (✕4); Semi-detached house – 900✕1200 (✕2), 1200✕1200 (✕4), 900✕1200 (✕4); Large detached house – 900✕1200 (✕2), 1200✕1200 (✕5), 900✕1200 (✕10)

Cost of extras

There are plenty of style and design options to choose from on double-glazed windows, all affecting the price you pay. Common extras/variations include:

  • Wood effect uPVC frames – cost around 15-20% more than plain white frames.

  • Aluminium frames – cost around 30-50% more than white uPVC frames.

  • A-rated glass instead of B-rated – adds up to 10% to the cost.

  • Higher windows – all traders we asked said they wouldn’t charge extra to install windows on the first floor level, but windows on the second floor or higher may incur extra costs

And there you have it!

If you need some solid quotes then we suggest that you speak to a few local glazing firms that have been operating for at least 10 years.