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Get An Idea of Price Without Submitting Your Details

Below is a calculator created using Google Sheets. If cells are active that means someone is using the calculator.. please give them a few minutes to finish. Alternatively you could simply download a copy of the calculator spreadsheet for your own use. Just click on File and select download as Microsoft Excel .xlsx sheet.

Calculator Notes

Calculations are based on data collected by the consumer action group Which?. The price calculations cover the middle 50% of prices collected from Which? Local traders in 2012. The quoted prices are final (including all discounts) and include materials, labour, removal and disposal of existing windows, internal and external ‘making good’, VAT and incidentals.

Cost of extras

Window Extras.

There are plenty of style and design options to choose from on double-glazed windows, all affecting the price you pay. Common extras/variations include:

  • Wood effect uPVC frames – cost around 15-20% more than plain white frames.

  • Aluminium frames – cost around 30-50% more than white uPVC frames.

  • A-rated glass instead of B-rated – adds up to 10% to the cost.

  • Higher windows – all traders that were asked said they wouldn’t charge extra to install windows on the first floor level, but windows on the second floor or higher may incur extra costs

All this useful information and..

No Contact Details Required?

Absolutely! Just about every double glazing calculator out there needs your contact details. Have you ever wondered why? This is because your details are valuable to double glazing lead generation companies. We should know.. we pretty much work the same way and your details are valuable to us too!

However, what we believe is different. We believe in honesty, integrity and transparency - our pillar principles. That’s why we choose to work with only those companies that align with what we believe. There is no compromise. If you believe what we believe then you should get your quotes through us.

There are several sites that offer double glazing calculators for public use, but there are a few things to keep in mind..

The Problem With Online Calculators

Slightly deceptive tactics used by online double glazing calculators.

After using numerous online double glazing calculators this is what we found:

  • Fake Calculators

    Some are not actually calculators but are forms designed to capture your details. You won't get an idea of price but you can arrange quotes through them, which takes me to the next point..

  • Giving Up Details

    Expect your details to be passed on to a handful of companies. This may or may not be a good thing. It just depends on your perspective. It can be annoying to take measurements, carefully choose styles and designs for each room expecting to get an estimate, only to find out that you need to submit your contact details to see the resulting quote.

  • Overcomplicated

    Now I’m not too bad with figures and forms, but some of these calculators ask for way too much, just to give a rough estimate. Is it really worth it?

  • Trustworthy Prices

    Where do these prices actually come from? Are they actually from double glazing companies in your area? Are they the result of market research? I'm afraid your guess is as good as mine.

  • Biased

    We also found some biased calculators that appear to be designed for the purpose of price conditioning users to pay more for windows of equivalent quality. Some sites actively promote the biggest double glazing companies in the country, the majority of which are plagued with complaints. Search for company complaints yourself.

Keep these points in mind when you next make use of a double glazing calculator.

Below are some of the better resources that we came across during our search:

Recommended Double Glazing Calculators

We had a look at several, but the majority had at least one of the issues mentioned above. Here are the very few that stood out:

  • DWC Trade Windows

    A brilliant calculator that also includes the price of installation, if necessary. A glimpse into the future.

  • Online Window Quote

    Aimed at the trade as well as DIY enthusiasts. Knowing the trade cost of your windows could give you a pretty good idea of what you should pay.


    This is not a calculator, but it details how much you should pay for new windows. Don’t use their calculator if you’re not prepared to submit your contact details.

  • The Price & Cost of Double Glazing

    Our very own article detailing the average cost of double glazing from reputable companies.

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