Double Glazing Repairs

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Repair Old or Buy New?

Damaged double glazing requiring repair.

If there is one thing most of us take for granted, it’s the maintenance of our homes (or home improvement in general) – specifically with relatively trivial things like windows and doors. After all, those are already there – how much more maintenance could they need, right?

Well, putting doors aside for now, when it comes down to windows, there’s much more to it than just installing them and being done with it all. Windows, as with any part of your house, are prone to damage: hinges rust and start squeaking; rubber seals expire and your house gets draughty; locks jam and prevent your windows from opening or closing properly; sometimes a neighbourhood kid can accidentally break a window pane or two with a stray baseball (or some other type of airborne detritus).

These things are more common than you might think, and while some may opt to purchase new windows when their old ones bite the dust, there are some companies that dedicate their entire existence to repairing them and making them look and perform good as new. These companies can work on most types of windows, but are especially important for those who own double glazing windows.

Quick Refresher

Double glazing window cross-section.

Double glazing units – also known as insulated glazing units or windows – are double-glass windows panes in which the glass sheets are separated by a small vacuum or gas-filled space in order to insulate and reduce heat transfer across the building envelope. In other words, the thermal performance of double glazing windows keeps your house fresh in the summer, and warm in the harsh cold of winter.

The space between the glass sheets can be filled with different gasses or desiccants in order to prevent condensation in any weather conditions, effectively keeping your view crystal-clear at all times. Furthermore, double glazing windows are an improvement on the older double-hung and storm windows, because of the fact that you don’t have to manually remove and reinstall your storm windows and window screens whenever the rainy season or summer swings by.

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Okay, Back to Repairing

Besides the usual maintenance associated with all types of windows such as hinge repairs, seized locks and shrunk rubber seals, double glazing repairs require some extra measures be taken to ensure the correct functioning and longevity of your glass unit. For starters, these types of windows degrade and malfunction in different ways than other simpler types.

For example, since these types of units consist of two sealed glass sheets separated by a gas, when the seal expires, the glass may get misted on the inside, which can be a real eyesore and next to impossible to remove without professional assistance. This is by far the most common issue with these types of windows. However, in professional hands, even these problems won’t occur for at least the larger part of a decade.

How long does double glazing last?

Other terms that are commonly used to refer to malfunctioning double glazed windows are steamed, blown, condensed, or expired seals, and while they are relatively common, most breakdowns can be produced by different factors, such as low quality units, poorly manufactured window frames, or improper installation of the unit; the last one being more common in do-it-yourself scenarios.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies that can provide solutions for all your home-improvement and repair-related issues, from double-glazing repairs and window maintenance in general, to problems with doors, letterboxes, frames, and much more.

If you’re in the market for double-glazing repairs, you may want to take a look at some some quotes from some local companies.

I can certainly understand people’s wariness of companies and tradesmen trying to scam homeowners out of their money for simple repairs. Perhaps you may even be a DIY enthusiast who prefers to get your hands dirty. In such cases you can find businesses that sell the replacement materials and wares required to perform your own repairs at home. The downside of this is that there will be no guarantee, so if you accidentally mess up, it will be on you.

The Takeaway

Your windows, like any other part of your house or flat, will require periodic maintenance. One way to reduce problems in the future is to take both care and time in selecting a firm to help you create your desired look and feel from the beginning. Do your research and enjoy the experience.

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